When will the season start? Our scheduled practices typically start the second Monday in August, for example the Fall 2021 season will start on 9-Aug and practices will be from 630pm-830pm Monday through Friday for the first two weeks. From there, practices will be at the same time in the evenings, but only three days per week, typically Monday, Tuesday, Thursday - however this is dependent on field rental availability from the Northshore School District.

What is the cost? Our costs remain at $350 for tackle and $100 for flag. This cost covers jerseys, insurance, field rentals, referees and new equipment purchases as needed, for example shoulder pads, helmets, pants, etc.

What team will my child play on? They will be placed on a team with like age and weight peers to keep kids of the same age and size playing together.

What about flag? Flag is available to our younger players typically 7-8 years old. Once they play flag on their first year, they can "graduate" into 8-man "Rookie" tackle football that uses 1/2 field.

What about games? Games are always scheduled on Saturday and are held at the local high schools in the area, for example Bothell, Inglemoor, North Creek, Mount Si, Issaquah, etc. Refer to the teams at GEJFA.org for more information.

What about background checks? All volunteers, coaches and board members are required to complete a background check administered at the GEJFA level. No exceptions.

What equipment will we need? Black cleats, mouth piece, socks. We will check-out helmets, pants and shoulder pads for the season to be returned at the end of the season. They will keep their custom, reversible game jerseys.

Any other questions? Simply email IJFABOARD@gmail.com.